Welcome to ERA

ERA is for all event riders. We liaise with the governing bodies of the sport on behalf of riders around the world, aiming to help improve events and the sport at all levels.

ERA: One Sport – One Voice

If you have any questions (for us to answer, or to take further if necessary) or would like to get involved in ERA, please contact us at feedback@eventridersassociation.org.uk

We welcome photo submissions for the website – ideally vertical, high-res, with permission to use of course (we’ll credit togs where required). Please email your pictures to membersphotos@eventridersassociation.org.uk

ERA Social:  This year ERA is not running its own Ball, but was keen to keep the popular ERA/Shearwater Awards going, so is very pleased that a separate group of Organisers stepped in to run The End of Season Event, which will feature the presentation of some of the BE Awards as well as the ERA/Shearwater Awards. Further details are HERE

Please keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter and on here.


Forgotten your login details?

We have had a number of people asking how to find out their User Name and Password. Provided you know the email address you registered with, you can get your details from the menu option “Members | Member Details” then click on the Reset Password Form link (or by clicking here) or using the the “Forgot?” link underneath the login box. This will send an email to the registered email address with your User Name and a new password. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, please check your spam/junk folder or filters.

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